Our Projects

Over 13 years, the Career Skills Development Society has organized various academic and social activities including seminars, competitions, and workshops which were pivotal in developing the inner personalities of young undergraduates.

JESA (J’pura Employability Skills Awards ), is the most significant award ceremony organized by a Sri Lankan university with the aspiration of rewarding the brilliant undergraduates who have been proficient at balancing their academics and the extracurricular activities they are engaged in and have shown the commendable performances in both of these fields, surpassing the expectations. Also, JESA will be the greatest inspiration for all the undergraduates to pursue the skills and to be equipped with the competencies they need in both their personal and professional pursuits..

Sathkaara , our initiative to make the under-developed hospitals, more equipped  with the aim of levelling up the standard of public health. Health is wealth as we all know. But when our health is in risk, if we don’t have the proper facilities in our nearest hospital to make us better, how helpless we would feel? So as a club through this CSR we renovate rural hospitals and give needed infrastructure with the intention of protecting the health of the human-kind.

The more we develop as citizens, the more our nature is being raped. So as CSDS we carry out project *”Green Hopes’* as a long term effort with several phases with the ultimate aim of Sustainable Development. We can mention phases like cultivation instructive programs, Free promotion for new green products, Tree plantations, and Beach cleanups as some  of the initiatives under this project. As a sustainability concerned society this is our effort to encourage development while protecting mother nature.

Shadow of Success which is conducted throughout the year opens up the pathways to share experiences and ideas of the renowned personalities such as veteran artists, athletes, and chefs who belong to different fields with the young generation to motivate them to pursue their goals of being a successful person who fits into the corporate world. This program feeds you with the portion of motivation, confidence, and self-realization to achieve your desired goals and targets in life. Simply, it says the simple directions to be a remarkable star among thousands of stars in your own society.

Donate Happiness, shares the essence of happiness with society via a wide range of humankind functions. For example, we can cite giving hands of love to the little hearts at the Apeksha Hospital Maharagama. Since these programs are primarily based on teamwork, the development of leadership qualities of the undergraduate is self-evident.

Touch The Peak is an annual job fair organized by the Career Skills Development Society in order to uplift the young undergraduates who are stepping up to the corporate world by conducting four phases that cover all the faculties to polish up the soft skills of our undergraduates. It’s not a secret that all the participants who are engaging in the workshop series gain immense knowledge on the preparation for the corporate world, and through the job interviews, they can interact with the prominent companies in the industry like never before and they are given a valuable chance to get internships and permanent job opportunities through that.

Students confined to their educational framework provide the initiative to become proud citizens of nature and the country under the project ‘Green Hopes’ and beach cleanup projects. It has also been instrumental in organizing socially responsible events such as “Arunella” with the aim of creating people who are sensitive to the suffering and helplessness of others.

Glory Night is one of the most-awaited and grandly colorful nights of our calendar. This can be introduced as the night of appreciation for all the dedicated individuals of our society. Its colorfulness overflows due to the presence of a variety of vibes including jollity, motivation, and the power of bonds. As an undergraduate, this can be the best appreciation that you can have in your entire university life as a gratitude for your balanced & extraordinary performance.

WordSlinger”* is an article writing project which is held with the aim of informing the society on various timely topics. This project identifies the hidden writing skills of our own undergraduates and the articles are published through our social media to the knowledge of the society. This is the best platform to our fresh creative article writers to show their talents, and express their views to the world.


Stage Champs”* is the platform which is exclusively reserved for our own CSDS members to showcase their creative tallents and to get the appreciation they deserve for those amazing skills. We let the world know the skills, creativity and innovative approaches of our members through this initiative.

Fabricating Futurity”* is another platform for CSDS members to polish their skills and personal grooming especially as required to be successful personalities who can be pioneers in the corporate sector. So to make them ready for the job market, as the club we organize various workshops and programs under this project.